Hello, I’m Chris :)

I am a writer, musician, and artist. I live close to the sea with my beautiful, creative, clever, brave and funny daughter, and our silly fat white cat, in a mildly unkempt small little house with a wild-flower garden out the back.

I am also the founder and director of a ground-breaking social storytelling company and an experienced project manager. I have led teams in arts, community, digital, business start-up, web design, IT, training, change management, service design, and many other areas.

As a result I have developed a unique mix of talents that I can combine to help you out with whatever you’re doing – whether your project is personal, creative, professional, or anything at all.

I like to keep things simple and natural. I believe in freedom, empowerment, networks, and collaboration. I enjoy learning about new people and subjects. And I love helping people

Or maybe you fancy something quirky, dreamy, or creative

Whatever you're after, I am always ready to work with new people, so please get in touch soon for a half hour chat to discover how we connect and how I can help you