Ethics and Environment

I commit to operating ethically, with honesty and transparency at all times, complying with all laws, and with respect to all beings and our environment.

I ensure that my operating network partners & suppliers in turn do so too, and I will never knowingly affiliate myself with another company, person or entity that does not operate in this way.

When working with others I always encourage them to take ethical and environmentally sound actions.

Inks used for printing are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they contain no chemicals which negatively impact or harm the environment. They are water-based. State of the art printing tech also ensures there is almost zero waste water. Any left-over ink is disposed of according to the ink supplier guidelines.

The Alder and Pine wood used for my frames is sourced from sustainable forests. Eco-friendly, W.R.A.P Certified cotton is used for canvases and clothing. And I use recycled silver for any jewellery.

Mailing bags are made from 100% recycled materials. The use of bubble-wrap is necessary to prevent in transit damages, and ensure the item(s) reaches you in the condition I expect. 

However, I am continuously looking at improving this further with more environmentally friendly solutions.

The excess waste I do have in cardboard and paper is recycled.

In made-to-sell retail, products are made in large quantities and often exceed market demand; a major contributor to environmental damage. Each product you buy from me is made only when you place an order, specifically for you.

It takes time to create and send out the product, and perhaps costs a little more (still not as much as some shops charge you for bulk made stuff though!). But making each order on-demand allows me to avoid overproduction and waste, and keeps my overheads low so I can give more to charity. Talking of which...100% of my net profit is given to the charities I support.