A story, illustrated by Stef D Zaster

On a distant planet, a group of beautiful birds in an ornate aviary discover a hole to the huge forest outside - leading them to reconsider what freedom is.  

“…the most subversive thing on social media…”

A ground-breaking, multi-media sci-fi / fantasy / comedy that re-imagined theatre for the digital age and laid the foundations for Feathertree Arts' Digital Theatre.

Feathertree Arts' podcast, where we discuss challenging social issues and seek to open up space, find common ground, and understand different needs and perspectives. 

We aim to break down the usual divisive social media discourse by demonstrating that disagreement and difference can be respectful, useful and positive.

 Quaver Pits 

 An aVANT-GARDe — – >> alternAtive || electRo \ jaZz // orcHestral }} pOp mUsic  projecT 

 We play some real instruments, and programme others too. We find things to  bang or crush or twist and crumple around about, and we sample them as well.  We sometimes make some noises with our mouths.

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Music and Poetry with Marc Freak