Poetry, Stories and Ideas 

My writing swings from romantic to sci-fi, through surreal and comedy, to discussion. I am currently moving my writing from WordPress to SubStack.

Dream Readings

Had a weird, interesting, confusing or scary dream? Want to know what it means? Want to understand what your sunboncious is trying to tell you? Let's talk.


Rhythm was my first love. I am always making new tracks for different projects, and you can hear most of them here.

Multi Media

With trailers for performances, trippy videos for musical projects, spoken word animations, and the pod cast I co-host, You're Cool With Me, there's a fair bit on my You Tube channel.


Look through the projects I have worked on with other creatives. Maybe something there will inspire you to work with me too.

Potentially Offensive Words

Weirdly outlandish and amusing reasons that ANY word could cause offence.

Art and Photography

Have a scroll through my photography and digital art. Let your eyes feast on landscape, abstract, portrait and still life compositions.  

Work Together

I am here to help you with creative, personal, or professional projects. I have the skills and experience to develop, guide, organise, plan, and/or manage your ideas with you. Please feel free to book in some time with me for a short chat and we can take it from there.